Rehabs that Allow Cell Phones

In this time and age, there’s no denying that cell phone usage is inevitable, even in recovery centers. That’s right; whether you are as free as a bird or are in a lockdown drug rehab, you might be “sick” if you are denied phone access – for even a day. Which explains why rehabs are beginning to embrace the use of electronic devices, including phones and laptops.

Can You Have a Cell Phone in Rehab?rehabs that allow cell phones

It goes without saying this is a common question among potential rehab patients. Oftentimes, you’d hear them ask, “Can you have a phone in rehab”? Well, it depends. Despite studies having been conducted about it, there seems to be mixed reactions about the same.

Some lockdown rehab facilities are against cell phone usage, arguing that it might interfere with the recovery process of the patients. Yet, other recovery centers fully support cell phone addiction treatment – stating that it helps speed up a patient’s recovery process.

You can have a cell phone in a recovery center, provided it’s a rehab that allows cell phones.

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Benefits of a Cell Phone Rehab

Despite mixed reactions over the use of cell phones in lock down rehabs, the benefits far outweigh the costs. While patients are likely to be connected with their former drug dealers, they can keep in touch with friends, family, business contacts, and current affairs. It’s this improved communication that helps counter the potentiality of connecting with drug dealers.

You see, patients in a cell phone addiction rehab are only human. They need to feel they are still a part of the society by having access to current affairs, including the latest news, which can be easily achieved via cell phones.

Furthermore, cell phone usage helps reduce information overload that’s often overwhelming to patients once they readjust to the outside world. Can you imagine having to deal with tons of text messages once you are out of a locked down drug rehabilitation facility? Exactly! It can be overwhelming!

Are Cell Phone Rehabs also Laptop Friendly?

Needless to say, cell phones and laptops go hand in hand. Most lock down rehab facilities that allow for phone usage are also laptop friendly. They even allow patients to make use of luxury laptops.

Nevertheless, there may be some restrictions imposed, such as laptop lockdown. Whether rehab centers support usage of cell phones or laptops, they do have rules put in place to ensure patients are not crossing the line.

For instance, patients are allowed to use cell phones or laptops for only a limited period. They could use the electronic devices at night or over the weekends – or even under supervision should the therapist have a good reason things might get out of hand.

And, because both laptops and cell phones allow for Internet access, patients usually are restricted to only a few hand-picked websites – considering the Internet is an entire world of its own.

In addition, conditions are put in place to ensure that patients are responsible. For instance, the therapist might block the Wi-Fi or have the patient’s SIM card confiscated – among other things – should the patient fail to observe the set guidelines.

If you’re here, it’s likely you are looking for a rehab that allows cell phones and laptops. Rest assured that inpatient rehab facilities can come in handy with regards to that. Even if you’re looking for lockdown rehab facilities in California or other non-12 Step rehab west coast locations, help is at hand. The same thing applies if you might need any rich info concerning non-12 step rehab east coast spots, including New Hampshire.

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