What Is Catholic Rehab And Can It Help You?

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What Is Catholic Rehab And Can It Help You?

The Catholic religion has more than one billion members. It was formed centuries ago and still stands strong to this day. The Holy Bible is the sacrament to this community. It is a religion relied upon with pride. Religious followers were taught through church and the strength of the Bible. There are many components for the Catholic religion as well. The belief is people are good, however, they sometimes act in negative ways through sinning. They may commit transgressions on others or themselves. The Catholic religion believes people can be saved if they repent to their God. With all that being said, many Catholics do have an alcohol or drug addiction and need help from Catholic rehab. read more

What Benefits Are In Religious Based Rehab?

religious based addiction rehabWhat Benefits Are In Religious Based Rehab?

There are many addicts who are just afraid of what will happen if they ask for help. They are afraid of what they will have to give up, what others might think of them and of the uncomfortable things they may go through during detox. In fact, this fear is one of the things that keeps many addicts from getting addiction rehab treatment in the first place. However, when attending a religious based addiction rehab, you will have the hope you need to move forward. During this type of program, you can have a higher power guiding you every step of the way. In the religious based addiction rehab, you will see you haven’t been failing in life, because your addiction is a type of disease. With religious rehab, you can get help in overcoming any drug or alcohol addiction. You can finally have the hope you need to create the future you deserve. read more

Is Forcing Women to go to Rehab the Answer to Addiction?

Forcing women into rehab can help them manage their substance dependence, but the problem is getting them there. The law is quite strict on involuntary commitment, and understandably so because it’s already bordering on violating the basic rights of the individual. What the law says about involuntary commitment is that you are infringing on somebody else’s freedom, which is why consent must be sought. It’s enshrined in the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

With that said, you can still force somebody into rehab if you get a court-mandated order. But it’s not going to be easy. You can petition the court to commit your loved one into a facility as a health emergency. They will be screened and investigated by addiction counselors to determine if your petition is warranted. However, this option has a drawback. Your loved one may feel betrayed and end up hating you in the process. read more