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Inpatient Rehab is a no-cost, full service, drug and alcohol rehab assistance provider. Our mission is to help you, or a loved one, to find the right addiction treatment center for your specific needs. We work with the top rehabs and insurance agencies across the country on your behalf to ensure that you are placed in the best facility for your individual needs.

If you are already on this page it means you or your loved is considering help. Rehab can lead to a new and improved (sober) lifestyle if you apply the tools you learned in rehab to your daily life.

Thinking about calling us? Below are a few reasons why to use our service:

Free Rehab Locator Assistance

We are a no cost drug or alcohol rehab placement firm. So, luckily for the caller, speaking with one of our experienced counselors is free of charge. Every call and case is unique therefore our mission is to make sure the client is placed in the right center depending on their financial situation and current insurance coverage.

Personalized Placement

You or your loved one is in good hands as we work with several rehab centers across the country. Our counselors job is to get know you on a personal level to ensure that you are getting placed in the right center. Depending on what you or your loved ones financial situation is, what type of insurance you or your loved one currently has and even what substance you or loved one is currently abusing is all of the information we need for placement.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is more common than not. An underlying mental illness either preexisting or developed through substance abuse is an obstacle we work around. If you or your loved is battling not only substance abuse but also dual diagnosis we will make sure to find the best care available.

Free Consultation to Discuss Your Recovery Possibilities

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A Deeper look into Treatment Types

The counselors at Inpatient Rehab have a great understanding of the treatment process and will be with you or your loved one every step of the way. The road to addiction treatment is not always a smooth one because there are often many obstacles. Getting sober is a difficult and strenuous life style change and the first step is often seeking treatment. If you are ready to take the first big step into a new lifestyle then call Inpatient Rehab today.

Why You Should Call Inpatient Rehab

Achieving sobriety

If you are already on this page it means you or your loved is considering help. Rehab can lead to a new and improved (sober) lifestyle if you apply the tools you learned in rehab to your daily life.

Comfortable Alcohol and Drug Detox

Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, severe, and in some cases- life threatening. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol should be done under medical supervision to make the withdrawal process as painless as possible. Most rehabs offer on-site detox and depending on the severity of the case lasts anywhere from two days to a couple of weeks.

Individualized Treatment

At Inpatient Rehab along with the centers we send you or your loved one too, we emphasize that you are getting the best care available. This means individualized treatment plans, aftercare options and future tools to succeed in recovery upon leaving. Most of the centers we send you or your loved one too have a case manager that creates unique and personal treatment plans for every individual that enters.

Executive Treatment and Luxury Treatment

Alcoholism and drug addiction does not discriminate. It is a disease that will take down anyone of any size, race, ethnicity, religion or financial standings. Thankfully, there are treatment centers that cater to individual needs. Luxury treatment is available for you if you have the financial means of funding it. Executive and luxury treatment is great for CEO’s and high functioning business people who need the option to continue work while in treatment. Luxury rehabs are typically located Oceanside and offer the best treatment and amenities possible.

Extended Care

Staying sober is a commitment, a commitment that involves building a strong sober support network. Inpatient Rehab will send you to credible rehab centers that offer aftercare options. Whether the center offers aftercare housing or extended care treatment plans you or your loved one is in good hands upon leaving the center.

Family Medical Leave Act

According to the United States Department of Labor, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid but job protected leave per year. This act also requires that their group health benefits is maintained during the leave. So under the FMLA your employer will more than likely grant you a leave of work to complete treatment.

Does Rehab Work?

If you or a loved one is even asking this question it may be a good time to call us. We can answer this question in a more personal matter. However, with dealing with rehab there is a lot of negative because many people have bad experiences. There is no known cure for addiction, so all of the solutions for recovery are a case by case scenario. What works for you might not work for someone else. To answer this question as accurately as possible, rehab CAN work.

Drug and alcohol rehab has worked for thousands of people across the country. Rehab is like anything else in life, the results you get from treatment depend on the effort you put forth. For an easy analogy let’s look at dieting. Someone who is out of shape and over weight decides it is finally time do something about it. So that individual meets with a nutritionist, finds a personal trainer and starts exercising. If this person sticks to the their diet and workouts for a couple months they will most likely lose weight and accomplish their goal of becoming fit. However, if that person goes back to their old ways once they “didn’t feel motivated” any more they will most likely gain the weight back and nothing will change.

This analogy depicts drug addiction treatment perfectly. If you or a loved one goes to rehab and takes the program seriously, takes all of the suggestions given to them about aftercare and continues to actively work at recovery they have a very good chance at sobriety. However, if they decide to fall back into their old ways upon completion, well that person will most likely relapse.


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